Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spring of 2009

Jonathan Gardenhire began a project called The Young Artist's Collective, who's mission was to create a supportive environment for NYC youth to create, collaborate and share art; essentially building a vibrant,
community-engaged, multi-media 'artist's collective' that promotes self-representation of inspiring artists who can use their creativity as a forum to understand each other as individuals, and to show society that good art can come out of Youth. While the show was a success, funding to continue the project was cut. He asked that I show my Spring 2009 Collection at the Opening Ceremony, and I did.

I was inspired by the Yves Saint Lauren Ad from 1968 with the super model Veruschka where she appears in a YSL safari style jacket. The girl in this collection is an outgoing girl that loves to travel to the most exotic destinations of the world. I used the color khaki and lots of earth color tones for this collection. I also used feathers in a safari styled pencil dress. With the evening wear, I focused on creating glamourous short dresses inspired by the late 1960s with beading and tuxedo inspired detail.

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